Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety plagues everyone, including some seasoned veterans. Yesterday, I performed for the Fort Worth Guitar Guild’s Library Series and felt rather comfortable on stage (as opposed to the night before and waiting back stage in which I often let my emotions get the best of me). But for me, being comfortable performing on stage for people is a rather recent phenomenon in terms of my (albeit rather young) musical career. Part of the reason I have been able to overcome this is my improvement in my technique and playing. The more you feel you can rely on good technique coming through, even during stressful situations, the more comfortable you will feel. Being well prepared always helps. But more than anything, just like everything else, you get better at performing by essentially “practice” performing. And what I mean by that is getting out there and actually performing. The more you put yourself out there, the more you realize little mistakes will always happen (and for the most part no one cares), and the more you will be able to relax and make beautiful music for an audience that for the most part is there for support and to enjoy the wonderful sounds you create.